so why celebrities overpaid

 why famous people overpaid Dissertation


75 million dollars a year – Mary Cruise.

80 thousand dollars per instance – Betty Kardashain

125 thousand dollars a year – Madonna.

Now when you enter a newsagents or a shop, what do the truth is? Books, publications, newspapers which all have news plus the latest dramas of celebrities' lives. Persons think that celebrities' work hard and therefore are great, whether they are good or perhaps bad, fake or accurate. But Now i am here to see you how come I think different.

Firstly, a lot of celebrities' are being taken care of being bad role versions. Kids see these publications and papers with photographs of celebs doing inappropriate things. Think about it, if you were a parent or guardian would you be pleased with your child viewing these images. As an example, recently in the news rihanna a new photo shoot used wearing only tape and some shorts. " Rihanna gives passers-by a great eyeful since she should go topless for the beach” offered from the Mirror. Yet these celebrities have become paid large numbers of money for doing these types of things.

Secondly, famous people will do whatever as long as they become more popular, likeable and richer. The media motivates this as if they want the younger era to waste materials their father and mother hard earned money about these currently grossly wealthy celebrities mainly because it can go to better places one example is like charities. We have to quit this. NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO BE THEREFORE ABOMINABLY GREEDY!

I understand that that you have to work extremely hard to become famous (in most cases) but when they do become renowned they ruin it thus easily through drugs or maybe doing something stupid. Just like look at Mr. bieber, he offers everything this individual could possibly wish yet just lately he got arrested to get drag auto racing and driving a car whilst getting drunk and high. Imagine if he had killed someone. What we think then? Though they worked well hard to generate a song or possibly a movie which mean that they can just settle-back and rest for the next 12 months while the cash is just being released in. they...