Was Alexander the Great really that Great

 Essay about Was Alexander the Great really that Great

п»їHow Wonderful Was Alexander the Great?

Alexander the Great was great because he overcome and established authority

throughout Eurasia at a young age. His military strategies were quite impressive.

However , although Alexander the truly amazing founded various cities, he failed in building a

lasting disposition. After his death, his empire began fall apart.

Alexander the truly amazing is known to get his successes. According to document E, by the

time he died at the age of 33, Alexander the Great produced an empire that was 2

million sq miles and founded 75 cities. Paperwork B and C prove that Alexander

the Great as well defeated Porus' army and the city of Tyre.

Alexander the Great's military tactics were incredibly successful. He was a clever military

leader, and without his tactics, he'd have never had the opportunity to conquer all that this individual

do. In file B, Alexander was able to eliminate Porus' army along the financial institution of

Hydaspes. If he saw Porus' army, he moved his troops in several directions to

mistake Porus. This individual tricked Porus until Alexander's army arrived and assaulted. In

document C, Alexander the fantastic and his army were able to get over Tyre. Various

cities beforehand surrendered to Alexander without a fight, however , Tyre belived

they may stand against him because they were on an island, and so they

experienced high surfaces to protect these people. After eight months, Alexander's army had been finally

able to attack the city.

Although Alexander the Great was such an excellent military leader, his callous

techniques have made him look not so great. In document C, Alexander fantastic army

defeated Tyre. After conquering Tyre, the king, Azimilik and other notables were

taken as sanctuary and Alexander killed all of them. The 35, 000 remainders were distributed into

slavery, and two 1000 men of military grow older were crucified. In document D, The

Star of the Loath Band, Alexander's hat fell into the drinking water. One of the sailors went

and got...