Valedictory Speech

 Essay upon Valedictory Presentation


Master of Wedding ceremony, Guest Loudspeaker, Principal, Teachers, House Father and mother, other Associates of Personnel, Special Guests, Fellow Participants and Pupils Good Morning. I have to first and foremost appreciate God intended for His true blessing and honor to stand before you today since valedictorian with the class of 2011.

Our period here at St . Andrew will forever always be embedded inside our hearts. The opportunities I was given in the classroom likely will contribute to my personal growth being a student. Chances that have strengthened me and can allow me to gain invaluable knowledge It was here under the guidance of our supporting teachers and house father and mother that we have reach this significantly. I would like to show a honest thank you to our teachers not to mention Miss Matn, Pastor Williams and Dad Phillip for support tolerance and guidance throughout the years.

On behalf of my fellow graduates I would like to thank every single member of staff specifically our house parents for showing their know-how and for offering as mentor. We are honored to have you as the caregivers; this moment would not have been possible for each people without your strong support. I must thank you for the contribution you get in our lives. We have each found a home here at St . Toby, one filled up with supportive and caring moms, one stuffed with diversities and activities to allow for an array of curiosity and a sense of community base on kindness and value. Here, we were pushed to find and concern our abilities, interest as well as our identities.

My guy graduates, I want to leave with you these types of thoughts, nothing is ever presented with to you is obviously. The success of your dreams and desired goals is only feasible through perseverance, dedication, enthusiasm and effort. Avoid ever become easily discouraged, believe in yourself and your dreams, and never allow your fears to hold you back. Mahatma Gandhi once stated " Live as if you were to die down the road. Learn as if you were to live forever” Avoid...