Total Quality Managing and Malaysia Airlines

 Total Quality Management and Malaysia Airlines Essay



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Malaysia Airlines' Business Vision

and Service Top quality Strategy

Abdullah Mat Zaid

Malaysia Airlines' vision is usually to become " An Flight

of Excellence”, offering the most beneficial to its

passengers when it comes to safety, comfort and ease, service and

punctuality. This vision was amplified simply by our

leader in the industry’s 20th wedding anniversary

commemorations in October 1992.

The quest has been stated in three main thrusts

the following:

(1) To make Malaysia Air carriers one of the leading

standard bearers to get the flight industry in

terms of safety, efficiency and quality of


(2) To produce Kuala Lumpur as the preferred

gateway in to Malaysia and the South-East Asia


(3) To make Kuala Lumpur a significant cargo

transhipment area to get the Asia-Pacific rim.

Among the list of key endeavours taken to meet up with our

quest for the future really are a fleet modernization and

network expansion program, an improving of

each of our in-house repair and architectural

facilities, development of modern infrastructure

and computer systems and teaching and growing

of staff to meet the needs for the future. In

addition, top management has refocused its goal on

setting up a customer-driven and quality-oriented

culture in the launching of the company-wide

Destination Services Excellence (DSE) programme

in July 1991. (The DSE programme can be an extension

of Total Top quality Management to get a clear

give attention to customer requirements at the heart of

business procedures in Malaysia Airlines and also to

create a quality service traditions through interior

communications and human relations management

methods which can securely reflect the value

the company places on good customer service. )

At the second DSE Convention organised by

Malaysia Airlines in October recently, which

transported the topic " Boosting World Class Top quality

through Competitiveness”, our chief Tan Sri

Zain Azraai inspired the employees by repeating

top management's commitment for the vision intended for

Malaysia Airlines to become " An Air travel of


Tan Sri Zain anxious that in different organization

there are four areas within that paradigm of Total

Top quality which stress continuous improvement

which need to be addressed:

(1) The individual within an organization: it is often

said that the key to creating a Total Quality

organization is first to create a Total Quality

person who works on the true-north compass that is

target. This compass is used to find and

give attention to the company future path.

(2) Managerial effectiveness: which can be basically to

nurture a win-win collaboration between the

individual and the corporation, and among

the organization as well as its customers.

(3) Organizational output: for which top quality

should be noticed to start through the top. The

leadership from the organization should be

intimately involved to see the quality

paradigm is planted into the thoughts and minds

of all staff.

(4) The nonhuman area of the corporation: in

terms of equipment, facilities, processes and

systems; these kinds of also contribute to the

customers' impression about the kind of

quality to anticipate of the organization.

In the ending part of his address, Suntan Sri Zain

said that the DSE program is a idea, a

paradigm of constant improvement that is not

the plan of the firm but the idea

and benefit of everyone inside the company. He summed

up: " It has been said that Top quality will give a great

individual or organization a long-term competitive

advantage. Of course, if it is in the character from the

individual and in the traditions of the business, it

cannot be duplicated simply by anyone. ”

Our controlling director, Dato' Kamaruddin

Ahmad also offered some pertinent directions to

the members at the tradition with his

affirmation of the challenges facing the organization

and the services quality strategy which has been

created. The Malaysia Airlines service quality

approach which he articulated is briefly...