English Is Malema a Good Leader?

 English Is usually Malema an effective leader? Essay

Can be Malema an effective leader?

Julius Malema, a single person who could possibly be described by many people words. A young troubled guru that has but to find his place. A leader who is critiqued by the multimedia but loved by the public, the people that gave him electrical power. A position higher than the young man, I believe not for he reveals the quality of an absolute leader. A leader has capacity to be observed, to tone the people, to share a positive meaning to the general public.

Julius Malema, a well well known politician and comedian globally. He has got the limelight and he is a product or service of Bantu education, he is not one of the most intellectual person based on his grades although he shows purpose and potential. The media portrays him being a corrupt individual, all commanders are pictured as, actually every innovator in power has or are being charged of some form of corruption. Even though many people believe that the multimedia and the pictures they color of frontrunners there are a big percentage that support their particular vote and believe that this particular individual brings about a change. Malema, though he is not in electric power he still becomes a topic on the news even more so recently than South Africa's president.

Julius finds himself confronted by multimedia and press, he does not entertain the media require people screen greed for information, this pushes the multimedia to investigate. A study is study done within the particular subject, once the details is obtained and educational speculate would summarize the research performed, it is considered true until proven incorrect. I personally think that media has a way of going on a " wild goose chase”. I actually experienced an example of this socalled " untamed goose chase”. I was playing a game which is called " I actually am player” it is based of a actual life professional footballers life, and so one would choose your individual path hence the choices you choose will result in the kind of footballer you can become. The press presented me more than tension between two players and mentioned, " If you ‘blab' I will make some thing up”.

I learnt a great...