The Day Quaid Led a Retraite to Our Residence

 The Day Quaid Led a Procession to Our House Essay

The Day Quaid Led A Procession To the House


Bantva is a little town in Kathiawar, India, the birthplace of many a prominent Memon personality. This town provides produced the largest number of millionaires and eminent persons. Sattar Edhi, the social worker par superiority, Abdul Razzak Dawood, a former Federal Trade & Sectors Minister, Kassim Parekh, previous Governor of State Lender of Pakistan, Haji Hanif Tayyab, an ex Federal Labor Minister, Ahmed Dawood, the epitome of Pakistany entrepreneurs, Ilyas Shakir, a noted correspondent and Publisher of Quomi Akhbar, Kassam Dada, one of the most well-known Pakistany Rotarian, Arif Habib, alongwith five various other ex-Chairmen of Karachi Stock Exchange, and so numerous others were most born in Bantva.

January 24, 1940 was a red-letter day inside the history of this kind of town. It was on that day that Bantva's Muslim denizens festooned the place with buntings and flags to welcome Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who was making his first ever trip to this town. 25 gateways were set up all over the place, and on his introduction, he was greeted with a 21-gun salute. The grand old guy of Bantva and the paterfamilias of the Dada family, Seth Hussein Kassam Dada, extremely graciously provided his bungalow at his farm pertaining to the comfort and convenience of the undisputed innovator of the Of india Muslims.

The Memon community organized a sumptuous lunch where high and mighty from the Bantva Memons plus reps of various princely states were invited. A public getting together with was organized in the evening on the Madrasa-e-Islamia where Quaid tackled the gathering in Urdu. He made a clarion demand donations to the " Press Fund" so that an independent newspapers for the Muslims could be published. In the morning witnessed an interesting situation that was a lot appreciated by Quaid. The Memon community was in full swing with each person coming up on the throne[n]: bench; chair and saying his very own contribution for the fund. Jinnah was confused at this show of...