It 230 Lab 9. 1

 It 230 Lab being unfaithful. 1 Dissertation

37. What kind of fiber wire should be put in the ground for the campus network?

- I recommend using a mix of both One mode and multi-mode. One mode might offer a bigger transmission price and at a greater distance. I would employ these works to connect the greater distantance buildings. Intended for the shorter runs, I would use multi-mode which is less costly and can give equivalent rates at short distances. Possessing a combination could be more cost effective and keep transmission rates high in the gigabit selection.

32. What type of networking cables would you use in a new building? Discuss the issues linked to your selection.

- Initial we need to check out all cables and see and what will be the most affordable choice. If perhaps using common copper (Cat6e) you will get gb transfer rates but of them costing only a 328 foot optimum run without repeaters. This cable options are ideal at your workplace level using a central swap. If you have to get vertical in the middle floors and underground, in that case fiber optic would be best. These can move miles every single run and can transfer 100's of gigbits per second. There is no EMI and is very protect. You could also make use of multi-run dietary fiber for desktop computers should you require very secure connections that are not vunerable to EMI and can't be tampered. Most networks today make use of a combination of both equally fiber and copper to match their needs.

Lab being unfaithful. 4 Determine media specifications: Speed and Distance

Media| Maximum DistanceEthernet| Maximum SpeedEthernet| Strengths| Weaknesses| Type of LAN Architecture| Coax| 200 Meters| twelve Mbps| Much less hardware, simply no hub needed| Only 31 PC'sSlow| 10Base-2| Cat3| 100 Meters| 10Mbps| InexpensiveUnshielded| Slow, 16Mhz clock vs 100| 10base-T| Cat5| 100 Meters| 100Mbps1| Economical, most common type. Shielded | Slow in the current networks. | 100base-TX| Cat5e| 100 Meters| 1000Mbps| Quickly, inexpensive| Range per solitary run| 1000Base-T| MM Fiber| Up to 2000 meters (OM1-4)| 100Gbps for...