take a look at the magnitude and causes of family diveristy in the uk today

 examine the extent and reasons for family members diveristy in britain today Essay

п»їExamine the extent and factors family selection in The uk today (24marks)

Family diversity just refers to the variety of family buildings and roles there are inside Britain today. There has been a move away from traditional cereal packet image of the relatives or the regular nuclear relatives. Diversity may also refer to ethnical diversity along with sexual diversity and local diversity. The Rapoports recognized five types of range these included; organisational range which identifies the way the conjugal roles are organised for example are they seperated or joint. Cultural selection which refers to the fact diverse ethnic teams have different friends and family structures, social class selection which refers to the different incomes and beliefs amongst different social classes may result in different family buildings, life stage diversity which in turn states there are different friends and family structures based on where you are throughout the family your life cycle and the last is generational selection which suggests the older and younger generations have different thinking and experiences that echo the time they have lived. The extent of family diversity has increased in Britain today as we have more types of family set ups including reconstituted, lone parent or guardian and same sex. However Robert Chester criticises this view and believes we are all part of a nuclear family members for the majority of your life time so when we are affiliated with another relatives structure this is only a overview and does not reveal it effectively. One reason behind the improved family diversity is the changing role of women. Women have become economically independent. Changes in the law have got helped ladies by bringing out the equal pay work 1970. This meant people must officially be paid out the same amount in the event they performed the same work. This elevated women's equal rights thus as well allowing them to support themselves. Such as women in an empty cover marriage can now support very little in a...