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I entered my jr . spring soccer season kind of sad, my past mentor, wasn't likely to be all of us coach this season. I wasn't really depressed though, since I had plenty of friends that were playing this coming year. One of the great things about spring team soccer is the fact it is not a school-sanctioned sport. To me this kind of said that I had been able to play another period of soccer with my buddies from other schools around the condition without the regular High School competition between us. Year after year, the schools pulled pranks on each various other, sometimes nothing at all big, although sometimes a thing big. I remember my junior or sophomore year, when a few folks I knew went over to Elkins and put up " ESE” signs everywhere over the commons. Whenever they walked in school the following day and the lighting came in, the indicators and blue and white colored shot all around the room. These were extremely upset, which is why it absolutely was such an excellent prank. This year wasn't only any period though. We had a new mentor, and we were playing competitive soccer. The thing that was competitive sports? Well it's a lot different than our normal soccer. Rather than playing the neighborhood teams, just like Elkins, Lewis, or Bridgeport, we got to learn in large tournaments and against clubs far away from here. The game was also a much more intense; I recall the first game, against Glenwood's staff. It was totally different than anything I have seen, we were arriving at play for a college, and against a soon-to-be regarded rough group. We had started the game, and man this business were chaotic. We began to retaliate, and my good friend's dad was your center referee. I sure would have resented to be in his shoe, which for sure. This didn't even phase me personally how crazy soccer was this year until one of the Glenwood players throw at each of our coach's toes, and got tossed from the game. We rapidly learned to live with this kind of violence, and that we even took part in that more than anyone would probably acknowledge to, nevertheless after all in the beat lows we had received from the other...