Soicla Psychology Test out 2

 Soicla Psychology Test two Essay

Interpersonal Psychology

Test 2

Set answers within the appropriate reddish scan tron. Be sure to bubble in your in number inside the space designated " ID”. Bring the search within tron for the classroom between 10 and 10: 55 Monday, Oct 03. WILL NOT TURN TEST OUT INTO MINDSET OFFICE. Overdue tests are certainly not accepted.

1) A great or bad evaluation effect toward anything or someone is what interpersonal psychologists call a(n)

A. feeling.

B. cognition.

C. attitude.

Deb. behavioral trend.

2) In 1964, Leon Festinger concluded that the evidence to date

E. did not show that attitudes information behaviors.

Farrenheit. showed that attitudes guide behaviors.

G. was irrelevant to the attitude-behavior relation.

They would. showed that attitudes and behaviors different together.

3) In 1969, social psychologist Allan Wicker completed an assessment dozens of research studies and figured people's stated attitudes _______ predicted their varying manners.

I. seldom

J. often

E. strongly

D. always

4) The finding that religious thinking can anticipate the total level of religious behaviors over time is definitely an example of

M. ethical hypocrisy.

And. the power of the problem over time.

Um. the Information of attitudes.

P. the principle of aggregation.

5) In case you spend the night surfing the net rather than learning, you have generally been a large disciplined college student throughout your academics career and also have always kept the frame of mind that studying is important. The relationship between your learning behavior as well as your attitude toward studying can best end up being described through which social psychological term?

Queen. moral hypocrisy

R. behavioral inconsistency

S. the ABCs of attitudes

T. the principle of aggregation

6) Lakai and Wallbom (1976) found that when study participants had been instructed to avoid working on problems after a bells sounded, 71 percent continuing working once left exclusively. How various continued to work following your bell if perhaps they were manufactured self-aware simply by working in entrance of a looking glass?

U. 70 percent

V. 43 percent

W. 31 percent

X. six percent

7) The effect of _______ about _______ was vividly proven in Zimbardo's (1971) vintage study of your simulated prison.

Y. perceptions; behaviors

Z .. roles; attitudes

[. roles; manners

\. thinking; roles

8) Research how behavior affects our perceptions suggests every one of the findings EXCEPT that

]. persons don't adapt what they tell please their very own listeners. ^. people are more rapidly to tell people good news instead of bad. _. people adjust their communication toward their listener's placement. `. persons adjust their message with their listeners, and having succeeded in doing so, believe the altered communication.

9) The fact that 76 percent of Californians agreed to use a huge unpleasant sign in all their front yard after first being approached with a small demand two weeks previously exemplifies the _______ happening.

a. foot-in-the-door

b. low-ball

c. compliance

d. conformity

10) Interested in investing in a digital camera, you will find one charged extremely low. As you are going to purchase the camera, you find which it does not have a power cord, storage card, or perhaps battery. You get all of these separately. The total expense surpasses what another retail store had detailed the camera as in a higher price, nevertheless included each of the accessories. You have been a victim of the _______ strategy.

e. foot-in-the-door

f. low-ball

g. conformity

h. conformity

11) If you are asked to participate in a research study , and without knowing the start time, you will be _______ to participate than if you were which the study commenced at 7 am.

i actually. less likely

j. more likely