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The story is set in South Africa inside the mid-1970s through the imprisonment of Nelson Mandela and explains to the challenges of Southern region Africans up against the Apartheid. Inside the movie, Sarafina is a high school graduation girl in Soweto that gets active in the student protests of 1976. Soweto is an extremely poor city unlike the city. Soweto looks Sarafina understands about the struggles of Africans throughout the secret classes that her teacher, Jane Masembuko educates. Also, Sarafina has to travelling a long range to see her mother mainly because her mother works as a servant in a light household and not sees her children. When ever Sarafina starts talking to her mother about rebellion, Sarafina's mother is usually displeased and tells her not to join up. One day Mrs. Masembuko is usually imprisoned by government and her imprisonment upsets her students. Shortly after, the angered students begin protesting and a lot of are killed including her would-be sweetheart, Crocodile. After Sarafina yet others start protesting against the Apartheid and Sarafina participates in the killing of constable Sabela. In addition , Sarafina and many others happen to be imprisoned as a result of protests resistant to the government plus the death of Sabela. Sarafina is interrogated and tortured in jail like lots of the students busted. After at some point, Sarafina is usually freed and goes back to her family. The ruling regime would destroy 575 blacks over 8 months so that they can quell the civil unrest. Furthermore, the movie shows discord in the dark community just like the generational break down between fresh high school students and their parents or perhaps adults. Learners and some adults wanted difference in the government. Additional adults are not interested in transform and wished nothing to carry out with the rebellion against the racediskrimination. The movie shows how a lot of students are trying to stop the ladies and guys from get anything through the store because the merchandise is provided by the federal government. In a way, the students are trying to quit the money circulation...