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Device 3- An intro to Promoting

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Assignment: P1- P2

P1- Explain how marketing techniques are used to market products/services in two organisations Intro

Advertising techniques vary depending on a company. Every Business tends to have a fundamental target, which is earnings. In order to be powerful, you should consider choosing and using these essential techniques in order to make your organization be effective and efficient. Provide a definition of promoting

The meaning of marketing can be

" Putting the best product inside the right place, on the right price, at the correct time" Source: BBC Bitsize


Morrison's Supermarket is the fourth greatest chain of supermarket in the uk. Its headquarters operates in Bradford city, West Yorkshire, Britain where it originated from. The founder of the company was a man by the name of William Morrison in 1899. He began and started by as an ovum and rechausser stall in Rawson Marketplace, Bradford England. The company now runs over 400 superstores across the British. Quiet oddly enough, the Morrison's Family presently owns around 15. five per cent of the company. Red Half truths Drink

Red Half truths Drink is an energy drink sold by simply Austrian firm Red Half truths GmbH developed in 1987. Red Half truths is the most well-liked and popular energy beverage in the world, with " 5. 2 Billion" cans sell in 2012. Austrian entrepreneur Universalschlussel Mateschitz was inspired and encouraged simply by an energy beverage named krating Daeng, that was first, developed and sold in Thailand.

Overall aim of Morrison's

The purpose of this particular business Morrison's, should be to provide the clients fresh food, such as vegetables, fruits to stationary, TV, Compact disks, PS3 and games. The main purpose, goal and target of Morrison's, is to offer all their clients with the absolute best value for money prove weekly searching. On the Website that states:

" Our main goal and goal is to deliver sustainable and long term development building with your traditional strengths" Morrison's sponsor many charitable organizations as well as companies. For example , the charity " Save the children" and companies and restaurants such as " Flavor of the World". Overall Goal of Crimson Bull

Red Bull is non-alcoholic energy beverage and therefore falls under the category of soft drinks. Soft drinks can be divided into sub-segments and one of these sections is strength and sports drinks. These can be divided again in to three different categories. 1- Glucose Strength Drinks

2- Sport Drinks

3- High Energy Stimulation Beverages

The overall objective of Red Half truths is to focus on the main markets of Western European countries and the UNITED STATES and the development markets of Brazil, The japanese, India and South Korea. Concept of Promoting 4ps

The concept of marketing 4ps is additionally known as the Advertising Mix. The is a organization tool found in marketing and by simply marketing professionals. The promoting mix frequently crucial when ever determining a product or brand's offer, and it is often with all the 4 Playstation, Price, Item, Promotion, and place.


A business should consider the subsequent:

1- What is the value of the product or in order to the buyer? 2- Are there founded price items for goods and services in this area? 3- Is the buyer price delicate? Will a small decrease in selling price gain you extra market share? 4- How can your price compare with your competition?


A business must look into the following:

1- What really does the customer want from the product/service? What needs does it gratify? 2- What features is there to meet these kinds of needs?

3- Where and how will the buyer use it? Exactly what does it appear to be? How will consumers experience it? 4- The facts to be named? How can it be branded? What size and colour? Promotion-

An enterprise should consider the next:

1- Where and once can you get across the marketing messages to your marketplace? 2- Would you like to reach your audience by advertising in the press, or on TV, or...

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