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1) In the case of House Depot, I find myself the two beliefs that appear more concurrent are Universalism and Benevolence. Through the very tough monetary conditions Frank Blake remained very faithful to his staff, this individual took care of these people during the market downfall by simply lowering revenue and earnings target that hourly staff were to satisfy to receive bonuses. This inspired workers to want to meet desired goals that were much more realistic, and had great advantages. This likewise generated a higher amount of feat by the staff. In the case of Bargain I feel the most distinctive value would be Universalism. At Best Buy employees happen to be asked to become part of the option. This gives staff a sense of worth and devotion to the business and also a feeling of being an advantage to the organization. In the case of Baignade I feel Stimulation is the benefit although things are on a forward swing. In most cases persons tend to do the same thing or perhaps do the same as Steve Ellis did and take on the task of finding approaches to expand and some contract. 2) I would describe Steve Ellis's affective tendencies as feeling very positive about the prospects in consulting as well as growth likelihood in growing markets and company turnarounds. His cognitive attitude is he feels there exists still considerably more room to get growth in the company's consulting business by bringing knowledgeable consultants and by recruiting for business schools. His behavioral is he uses a extremely aggressive way by enrolling at business schools and reconnecting with former financial service consultants. 3) Home Depot is intending to increase staff involvement simply by lowering product sales and income targets that hourly staff had to reach to receive a bonus so that they indulge more within their work. As far as Best Buy is concerned they attempted to keep employees engaged simply by setting up online surveys to get ideas for cutting cost just like save shipping and delivery cost simply by consolidating circulation of in store signs and use...