Request Service System for Employees of Mindanao Point out University – Iligan Company of Technology

 Request for Assistance System for workers of Mindanao State University  Iligan Institute of Technology Essay

Request Service Program for Employees of

Mindanao Express University – Iligan Company of Technology

Presented towards the

Faculty of School of Computer system Studies

Mindanao State University

Iligan Start of Technology

In Partially Fulfilment

of the Requirements for the Degree of

Bachelor of Technology in I . t and

JOHNSON, Gian Rob B.

DUMORAN, Gel Dante E.

March 2013



1 ) 0 Introduction

In every firm, industry, organization, private business and school alike, you will find division of duties. In every specific group of task, there is also a designated section where every single employee is assigned to. Each of these departments however , must work hand in hand with other departments to achieve the business goals. It is very important that the cooperation of each office be achieved for the company to continually work and increase. This process is referred to as a request for service method. Generally, costly organizational process wherein a department from an organization request specific service of another department. Currently due to technological advancement and wide technology application, request for service is mostly applied being a request for Information Technology (IT) support. However , there are more various other different demands for support that are being expected and processed in various agencies and businesses. In fact , request service isn't only limited to the within the intranet but also includes the contribution of clients or consumers. There are several types of services which can be requested within a specific firm or organization depending on the providers that they are in a position of object rendering. Some examples will be, request for center repair, piece of art, renovation, and other different demands.

1 . 1 Qualifications of the Examine

Mindanao Express University Iligan Institute of Technology is one of the top largest universities if perhaps not inside the whole country, within Mindanao operating with 35 departments comprised simply by roughly one thousand both educating and nonteaching employees. The teaching employees are exclusively assigned to the conducting of lectures and also other curricular related activities pertaining to the educational wellbeing of the college students. The non-teaching union however, operates on several different duties that concern the human resource, financial, structure, even meaning, and other facets of the college or university. The non-teaching employees with the university play a vital role to its each day operation. They make sure that the transactions are very well done. The completion of a number of tasks depend upon which completion of one other task from the same office or from all other departments. It is vital that each job is completed perfect for the depending task to complete well also. 1 ) 2 Summary of the Current Request for Service of MSU-IIT

You will find two main classifications of request for assistance in MSU-IIT. First (1) are organization process concerns and THIS difficulties. Instances of this type of service are troubleshooting internet connection or perhaps pc mistakes, updates or perhaps changes in spend slips, keep forms, and also other similar organization process worries. When a particular employee incurs this kind of trouble, the employee telephone calls the with regards to department or perhaps personally techniques the relating to employee for the request for the service. Then this attending worker, if readily available for the service, attends for the problem. Following the service is completed, a form can be filed signifying the completing the service. Requestor telephone calls in in concerning section

Problem is designated to an staff

Problem is recognized

Problem is recognized



Completion type recorded and archived

Requestor files form indication assistance completion

Designated Employee attends to the problem

Figure 1-1 Business Process Issues/IT Problems Request Flowchart Second (2) type of request service are those that worries non-business processes like...