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Supreme Health Ltd launches nose and mouth mask in support of Bronchial asthma Foundation Supreme Health Limited introduces lavender-scented face-mask with revolutionary technology (Hong Kong – 10 April 2013) Since the lavender-scented face-mask was successfully introduced in the Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Reasonable last month, Ultimate Health is officially going to launch this revolutionary product in the start event, that is held in Shangri-La Motel on some May. In the case, the company can invite a few experts to introduce audience to the Bronchial asthma and provide the newest product as prizes from an activity. The corporation will also donate 10, 1000 pieces goggles to The Hk Asthma Foundation.

MacDonald Tudeme, Present and CEO of Ultimate Wellness Ltd, stated: " Supreme Health Ltd is pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the patients of Asthma have got gotten a large number of positive replies from the target group of ladies and children to the product, therefore we made a decision it is the time for you to introduce buyers our advancement product: Lavender-scented face mask. ”

The company uses high technology, Air-through nonwoven fiber, while the surface of the nose and mouth mask. The benefits of Air-through nonwoven fiber are breathable, and softness when people wear it.

Asthma impacts around three hundred million persons worldwide, in line with the American Senior high of Allergic reaction Asthma and Immunology. One study, published inside the February 99 issue in the " Diary of Drug-store and Pharmacology" reported that lavender olive oil inhibited allergic attacks in lab mice, recommending possible rewards for the patients struggling with allergic-type asthma. Based on major group as well as the studies, facial-mask with lavender-scented could also assist to prevent 67% of the polluting of the environment in the air from reaching someones lungs.

" The Hk Asthma Base, established in 1989, is made for asthma and allergy affected individuals and their family members to provide services, patients' self-help groups, is likewise a nonprofit charitable...