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Prashant Lakhera: Senior Analyst

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Dr . Saleena Khan

Asst. Professor, OB & HRM IMT, Nagpur


The truth revolves around these three persons, Prashant Lakhera (senior analyst at Credit ranking Agency Limited), Gagan Vedi (analyst in Construction Creation Board) and Deepak Ghosh (project administrator at CDB) who had to finish a credit ranking report simply by December 27, 2006 for their client, Place Construction Limited. The objective of CDB is to provide a forum for any parties involved with construction and CRB deals in providing investment details and credit history services. CRB and CDB had an agreement to work together on credit score, where CDB would provide specialized expertise and CDA gives two analysts and its knowledge in ranking methodology. These types of grading were done to increase the confidence with the bank in the construction sector. The CRB-CDB team that consisted of Prashant Lakhera, Gagan Vedi, and Deepak Ghosh were given the task to level Continent Construction limited. During the task, they visited two CCL sites where they were relying on Ghosh's expertise in construction as he has been in this kind of business for more than two decades. As opposed to that Ghosh acted very immature and didn't are a team member. He utilized local vocabulary to talk to the development workers and site designers instead of English which was not really appreciated by the other two members with the team. This individual even don't record nearly anything in his record which could deliver a lot to the tables during the team group meetings. Even following constant simple guidelines for Lakhera, he kept the same attitude and did not comply with the team's rules. This actions of Ghosh's created a separation between him and the additional two people of the crew and the staff didn't meet up with after the two construction site visit until their meeting with CCL. During the meeting with CCL in Mumbai, a question of unaccounted money was raised by Ghosh which will left the other team members and the economic manager of CCL shocked but the circumstance was well handled by Prashant Lakhera. Ghosh was asked to be quiet through the whole getting together with which did make him genuinely frustrated and angry. Content this event, when the team met in Motel to complete the statement Ghosh didn't gave any kind of operational research and went off about Prashant Lakhera and Gagan Vedi requesting them to end the record on their own.


Credit Rating Agency Limited (CRA), a leading company of investment information and credit rating services in India, experienced two divisions- Credit Rating and Industry Exploration. In order to expand its item offering to feature grading companies for building entities CRA's Industry Analysis division had a tie-up with Construction expansion Board (CDB) in Nov 2006. CDB was a Authorities of India undertaking with an objective of providing a online community for all parties involved in building to express their concerns and study different problems from the sector. Because per the agreement between CRA and CDB, these would provide technological expertise and network of construction entities and past would provide two analysts along with its rating methodology to investigate the economical statement of construction actions. Their latest but very important assignment was for Continent Construction Limited (CCL), with project sites at Nashik and Jalgaon. Prashant Lakhera and Gagan Vedi would be the two financial analysts from the CRA, and Deepak Ghosh is the project director from CDB.

Learning Targets:

1) Team spirit and Group Aspect.

2) Managing others and understanding the big difference between personal and positional power. 3) To understand the...