pjluna Composition






1 . Ambushes in provinces happen to be reported in radio and TV. I don't go along with the survey so I state: A. No, it is not the case. C. Yes, it often is definitely.

B. Certainly, it is true. D. Certainly, at times it is.

Answer: A. When we avoid agree, all of us say " No”. It is only option A which indicates difference.

2 . " Join the rally, ” the activist shouted. The thing that was asked in the listeners? A. sympathy for any causeC. empathy for crusaders

B. apathy for a cause D. avoidance of avenue action

3. Quezon is quoted to get, " I prefer a govt run like hell simply by Filipino …” This means A. Filipinos may better operate their nation..

B. Filipinos are not great leaders.

C. Filipinos needs to be governed simply by foreigners

D. Filipinos should depend on foreign people for good governance.

Answer: A. This is a quotation via Commonwealth Director Manuel M. Quezon talking about a government which could be better run simply by Filipinos and which could be independent through the intercession of the Americans.

4. " I am a Filipino … child of the marriage with the East and West. ” Romulo means A. Filipinos deserve to become called Asians.

B. Filipinos are oriental.

C. Filipinos are communautaire.

D. Philippine is a mixture of the Navigate and the Occident.

Answer: Deb. Carlos G. Romulo referred to the root base of the Filipinos as a mixture of the Navigate or the East and the Occident or the Western.

5. " To be or not to become, that is the question, ” This is Hamlet's frame of mind. What is being described then? A. PrideB. PityC. IndecisionD. Decisiveness

Response: C. The line comes from Bill Shakespeare's Hamlet. The line portrays someone who is not made a decision, hence the option of whether " to be” or " not to be”.

6. My spouse and i find traveling in a journey more terrifying than __________________. A. a mountainC. running a huge batch

B. size a mountainD. to level a pile

Answer: C. That calls for parallelism. Since the gerund " riding” was used, the other thought compared to " riding” also need to be a gerund, hence " scaling”.

several. Not only do artificial reefs offer fish with food and shelter, they actually serve as importantly underwater milestone. What is the error inside the sentence? A. not onlyB. provideC. withD. importantly

Answer: D. The term importantly should be an qualificative which changes the noun landmark. Hence, it should be " important”.

8. The mother remarked, " I are used to the same tales. ” What does this mean? A. This is very unique. C. There is a miscommunication. W. There is nothing new inside the story. M. This is reports.

Answer: B. The term " employed to” signifies that the tale has become heard often times. Hence, there is nothing new about the tale.

9. Which usually of these capitalized words usually do not rhyme together with the others? A. That's not easy to BEAR. C. I know this CLEAR.

N. Let's offer a CHEER. G. It displays, it's ABSOLUTE truth.

10. Jim and Tom had been mischievous children. They ______ tricks with their teachers which often got them into a wide range of trouble. A. could have playedC. could perform

B. utilized to playD. may possibly have performed

Answer: W.

10. The director told his worker, " We have to reduce our workforce. ” What did he mean? A. Workers are free to keep.

B. Workers have to dual time on the jobs.

C. Workers are warned of your possible lay-off.

D. Staff should submit themselves into a reducing health club.

Answer: C. Reduction of workforce means some workers will be laid-off or will probably be

doze. When a head is been successful by one other, the former is referred to as the _________ president. A. ReplacedB. ElectedC. DeposedD. Dethroned

13. She wrote a first-rate record. Which word describes the report? A. excellentB....