Personal Philosophy Essay

 Personal Idea Essay

Life is like a backpacking trip. " It's certainly not the vacation spot, it's the journey! ” –Boy Scout Troop 589 slogan. I was a boy look and a pending novelty helmet scout. This past summer I actually went to Phillmont Scout Farm in Fresh Mexico and hiked 75 miles in ten days. On that trip my personal crew and i also had sufficient time do think about things and even though we were trekking with 50-60 pounds about our backside we noticed that life is like a backpacking trip.

The main beliefs about backpacking is to survive with the minimum and get the maximum experience out of it. With this trip all you had to endure was the fact that was in your load up which included meals, sleeping items, clothes, and basic needs nothing even more. While on the trail the majority of our staff didn't take pleasure in the trip since it was a wide range of work to hike seventy five miles in ten days and nights with about 50 pounds on your back again. However , once we got home together time to consider the trip all of us realized that the experiences we experienced were amazing. How many people know they hiked 75 miles in 10 days? Few people can say that and when we might not need wanted to go back because we thought it was a whole lot of work although we were from the trek I gamble anyone within my crew would like to go back and do it once again if we received the opportunity, I understand I would! " In the end, it will not matter just how many breaths you had taken, but just how many occasions that required your inhale away. ”

In life what the point of living if you do not live life to its fullest. Try new things, have fun, always be crazy, delight in every instant of it, and live! Rob Bell, a north american novelist and pastor says " Do we become so consumed while using past that people can't view the beauty of today? ” He has a great point. If we live in earlier times and bother about what happened we would miss a thing happening in today's therefore we wouldn't end up being living life to its fullest.

These aren't all my thoughts about life but they are some which i have were living through and have been able to offer examples to get using metaphors. Basically, live your...