Part 8 Review Questions

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E-Business Management

Section 8 Review Questions and Chapter Physical exercise

Review Inquiries:

3. There are many different meanings to Internet server. There may be e-mail machine. E-mail machine handles inbound and fun loving e-mail and manages e-mail activity. Another type of Web hardware is database server. The server computer system on which database management software operates is repository server. The computer in which a business runs it is accounting and inventory applications are called purchase server. These are generally all different types of computer hardware and software program that may be present in electronic commerce operations. We utilizes every different Web server names mentioned above. In case the company computer systems are down we get in touch with our THAT Department so they can analyze what part of the machine has failed.

6. The difference between client-level and server-level e-mail blocking is basically the first is managed by using an individual users' computer and one is been able on a postal mail server of your company and an individual's computer system. Spam could possibly get through a single filter nevertheless be trapped by an additional filter even though both client-level and server-level are utilized. The two filtering devices identify dark-colored lists and white lists, which are prevalent basic content-filtering techniques. A black list spam filtration system can be integrated at the individual, organization, or ISP level. Some firms review a black list, such as Spam and Available Relay Stopping System to identify spammers. However , the dark-colored list junk emails change their particular e-mail web servers, making it challenging for businesses to maintain. The light list spam filter can be examined simply by From tackles and compares them to a summary of known fernsehsender addresses. This kind of filter is often applied in the individual user level. The drawback of employing this filer is that sometimes it will not recognize an address and may reject the e-mail or put in place a separate folder to review at a later time. Our company utilizes both client-level and server-level e-mail blocking to protect exclusive...