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 Non Financial Compensation Dissertation

Not Financial Settlement

" Satisfied heads perform well". Non Economic compensation that is not in the form of immediate pay features great affect on employees motivation, overall performance and work satisfaction. Time is as important as funds and that motivated many employees to ask for a flexible rewards like flextime, compressed work week, telecommuting, part time function, job posting, modified pension. According to a nationwide study of U. S. workers release by Gallup Corporation and Carlson Marketing Group(Mondy, R. David (2010), Hrm (9th education. ) ) indicates that nearly every eight out of ten personnel say non-monetary forms of acknowledgement provide the ideal motivation and satisfaction which is directly relevant to the raise in firm profits. The task life balance is a key factor for most employers in attracting and retaining the talented staff. This paper focuses on work environment flexibility by SSM IHT(Integrated health Technologies), which include flextime, compressed operate week, telecommuting and part time work. SSM IHT delivers Information technology solutions to the SSM Health Care organization which has group of hospitals in four claims. Workplace versatility plays a major role in daily lives of the personnel here. Rendering flexible job time for workers allows them to work at their most productive period, flextime. This kind of creates healthy atmosphere and motivates employees to perform very well. Everyone has tastes and obligations towards function & lifestyle, some prefers to work four days per week, by compressing the 45 regular several hours, than the frequent five days every week and spend remaining period with their familys. A 56 years old woman employee at SSM IHT starts her work daily at 6am and ends day at 5pm, she works 10 several hours a day to get four days in a week and needs a day away either Friday or Wednesday, that way the lady wants to spend quality time with her family and also support her impaired aunt. Her situation is a best example...

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