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English101/ Story Essay

My spouse and i never believed the day might come exactly where I'd have to admit to myself I had an habit. The hardest portion was to other than the fact I had been an should be of painkillers and admitting it to my family so that I could get the help and support had to get clean. The road leading to my dependency started with all the factors of my childhood, constantly trying to fit into and not staying supported emotionally from my parents. Having a kid at the age of 14 was the second factor, which will made me grow up quicker than a usual child at my age might have had to. Living the life associated with an addict was obviously a struggle everyday but , having help was the hardest a part of it all. I'll live with this kind of disease throughout my life because recovery can be described as lifelong way. This is the story of my own addiction, the path that lead to my personal recovery and the way to prevent the same situation intended for teens today.

At the age of 14 I became a mother of a beautiful little girl named Gemini. We never a new mother and father that have been together who have made me experience loved unconditionally. Life as being a young teenage was a have difficulty for me because my mom never worked and my dad wasn't engaged till after in my life. My spouse and i didn't increase up with materials things mainly because my mother was jobless after I was born and I had to share with my three older brothers. Having my own child allowed myself to give her the love and life I had fashioned always wished for. Regrettably, I was living a dream of what I wished years as a child was like and didn't understand what it really accepted care for a baby. Having a baby gave me the mind i could do as if I was a full produced adult and party up on trips. Running the streets and smoking marijuana was the start of my path, till that acquired old and i also moved on to the harder prescription drugs with my local freinds. When I was eighteen years old my the teeth started to bother me thus i went to the dentist in which they had picked up my knowledge teeth. The dentist believed there was likely to be pain...