Mesopotamia Device Test

 Mesopotamia Product Test Essay

Chapter three or more Test-Mesopotamia as well as the Fertile New-moon

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Guidelines: Circle the letter of the most effective answer that fits each question. Read every question properly, some choices might be related.

1 . Exactly what does Mesopotamia mean?

A. Among two fish ponds

B. Among two rivers

C. Between two wetlands

D. Among two seas

2 . Precisely what is the name of the two rivers that Mesopotamia plus the Fertile New-moon are located among? A. Nile and Michael jordan

B. Mediterranean and Reddish colored

C. Tigris and Euphrates

D. Grayscale Caspian

three or more. Which from the Sumerian developments helped these people keep the river waters via damaging their very own crops? A. Rivers

N. Basins

C. Irrigation

D. Ditches

5. Most people coming from Sumer had been

A. Maqui berry farmers

B. Fisherman

C. Predators and Gatherers

D. Politicians

5. Sargon was the leader of which group?

A. The Sumerians

B. The Hittites

C. The Assyrians

M. The Akkadians

6. Sargon was the 1st ruler to

A. Strike Sumer

M. Have a permanent army

C. Collect fees

D. Create a system of laws and regulations

7. The Sumerian folks who wrote cuneiform were generally known as

A. Styluses

B. Pictographs

C. Scribes

D. Epics

8. Which of the subsequent is not a Sumerian invention/achievement? A. Basins, canals, water sources

B. The wheel

C. The six week appointments

D. cuneiform

9. Precisely what is the most important faith based tradition from the Sumerians? A. Kings

B. Scribes

C. Ziggurats

D. Pyramids

15. Hammurabi is most famous for

A. His code of regulations

B. His tax program

C. Becoming a brilliant war leader

D. Attacking Sumer

11. Hammurabi ruled intended for how many years?

A. 40

B. sixty two

C. ninety six

D. forty two

12. One advantage the Hittites acquired over various other civilizations in battle was A. Their make use of the plow

B. Their very own use of the chariot

C. Their usage of bronze

Deb. Their utilization of agriculture

13. The Hittites were overcome by which group?

A. The Kassites

M. The Akkadians

C. The Assyrians

G. The Babylonians

14. The ziggurats had been built extra tall because...