Dominating Culture

 Dominant Culture Essay

Once in a work place, the major culture articulates the main values shared by a majority of an organization's members. (Baack, 2012). The dominant culture is visible for the public if the organization treats the public. A subculture is established within a business as it begins to grow and develop. As Baack explained, " A subculture (a culture that differentiates a subgroup from your larger group to which that belongs), within an organizational framework, arises from the common problems, circumstances, and experiences that a pair of members confront. ” (Baack, 2012). It is vital to understand the impact of tradition in an company setting thus an employee can share and uphold the organization's beliefs. A company having a strong tradition employs users who extremely hold and readily discuss the organization's core beliefs. (Baack, 2012). As the culture is understood and promoted in an organization, the organization can separate themselves among other agencies and make and perception of id among the staff. At my last company, I do think the understanding of a ethnic difference was between the program support group and support engineers. The application support people dealt with the customers while the support engineers were backstage. I believe it absolutely was more of a unfavorable culture the support technicians promoted because they would are likely to think the application form support group and the customers had been usually wrong. The unfavorable culture was one cause I remaining because the frame of mind of the experienced of the business was difficult to change. The culture was not very flexible or adjustable to change. I believe if the veterans of the firm realized the diverse qualifications of the firm and found that sometimes several cultures and beliefs would bring good ideas, the corporation could increase exponentially. While Baack had written, " businesses that accept diversity often reach larger audiences with products and services, reap the benefits of innovative ideas...