Knights Attire

 Knights Attire Essay

п»ї1. The philosophy for Alta Golpe can spend less in the long run. They will target their particular brand to colleges due to the fact that they are all about fair labor and there are many organizations within just colleges that support this. Also colleges often have disputes with other corporations such as Reebok and Nike. If Suscripcion Gracia continues to thrive their very own popularity will increase and they will generate more income when you sell more of their products. If they get well-liked enough in the end more persons will support and buy their own products and the need will become higher. If the require increases chances are they will be able to enhance their prices and lower their very own cost in the long run. 2 . I do not believe that Joseph Bozich would be able to attempt the Alta Gracia Experiment if these were a publicly traded enterprise. Due to the fact Joseph had his own personal reasons for wanting to do this research. If the organization were publicly traded I do not really believe most of the holders would share Josephs views and I strongly think that they would not need to increase the costs of making many. 3. I do think that there are some items that can stand in the pattern of the succession of Alta Gracia. One particular being the high costs, in the event that they do not maintain their popularity amongst schools the company could potentially suffer. Which leads me to the next impediment, which can be competition. If perhaps there another company is made which has the same values although somehow manages to have affordable prices then Adhesion Gracia could suffer losses. I think the great thing Alta Ma?a can carry out to minimize risk of failure is always to keep gratifying their customers by keeping them knowledgeable of how that they treat their particular workers. This idea is an essential driving force on this brand as well as the main reason why so many students chose to purchase their merchandise. Then can also increase their marketing or try to find an further focus group other than universities as their main means of income. 4. If the company tried to sell to the mass market through merchants...