Kite Runner

 Kite Runner Essay

Alex Carde

The rise with the Taliban footprints back to the Reagan presidency when he would not fulfill his promises to Afghanistan following the Afghan-Soviet Conflict. From there Islamic Fundamentalists shaped an extremist's party referred to as " mujahideen” or as you may know it, The Taliban. The Taliban has continuously utilized questionable methods to run their regions and they are constantly under scrutiny from european nations like the United States. One problem in particular is all their treatment of females. The Taliban also resents western effect, which is a primary source of their bad popularity through their very own unwillingness to conform. They are at the Us as uncovering and philistine through their culture and hobbies. In the Middle East they are also convinced that public setup and brutality is acceptable, which is one of the top reasons all their tactics are really scrutinized. The true problem is that they are very close-minded minds and so they believe that every thing they do is definitely gospel and anyone who varies or goes against it truly is completely wrong, zero ways about it. Whenever they took away the rights of women in the 1990s, the Taliban believed that what they were doing was moral because of their anti-American emotions regarding the American attitude towards women's education and sexuality. The Taliban believe that taking away women's privileges will protect the Islamic people by corrupt traditional western influences.

In the centre East, girls are restricted from education among other things. In October of 2012, 14 year old, Malala Yousafzai, was shot in Pakistan by a Taliban jewellry when the lady spoke in protest to get women's education. The Washington Post explained, " A large number of Pakistanis look at Yousafzai, who also also marketed literacy and peace, as a symbol of hope within a country very long beset by simply violence and despair”. Based on the Post, not only did the country lose an associate of culture, but wish for change from public humility and mistreatment. The newest York Occasions posted the fact that Taliban officials saw...