Kellogg, S Statement

 Kellogg, T Report Essay


The Kellogg Company is the biggest prepared to eat food manufacturer in the world. Today firm produce more than 40 distinct cereals. it has plant in 19 countries. market their product in more than 180 countries. The company cereal items are generally noticeable under the Kellogg name. that s president Dr . Steve Harvey Kellogg and his close friend William keith Kellogg created the cornflake in 1894. Kellogg's India is a totally subsidiary of Kellogg Firm, USA and it is beg player in the Indian breakfast food market. Kellogg has used over US$ 30 million. Kellogg joined India with Cornflakes in 1991 india. this s set up and used a Greenfield manufacturing plant pertaining to cereal for Tajola (Mumbai). when Kellogg come in India the every capita usage of breakfast time cereal was 2 gram per annum against 5 kg per annum throughout the world. Kellogg's introduced in Sep 1994 giving with cornflakes, wheat flackes and basmati rice flakes. Kellogg providing good quality merchandise but failed in Of india market.

Inability reason:

Culture factors and eating habit

Easy availabity of reasonably priced traditional breakfast time

Low recognition about processed food and calorie necessary

Price sensitive customers

Persons tried the new cereal

Without even more research kick off new product

Indian tradition problem is American indian like to add sugar with their milk. the rice and wheat types did not do well because sugar could not easily dissolve in cold milk which it does not sweet best for Indian. In Indian Kellogg could not positioning in India because it is advertisement and promotion preliminary on the health aspects of the merchandise. So Indian thinks incorrect aspect for Kellogg's That s value very much in respect to Indian middle course person mainly because Indian have sufficient option for lunch break. In 1990 mostly Of india not want mandatory took break fast. Kellogg without research lunch time new product mainly because its 1st product was Corn flakes. it, s sales not good but Kellogg launch cool product was Whole wheat flakes, frosties, Rice...