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Investigatory Project


" Orange Peels as Insect Repellant "

Submitted by simply:

Mrs. Teresita Duran Leader: Evangelista, Jose Alejandro

Asst. Head: Villena, Indicate Daniel Members: Chavez, Robert Conrad

Roxas, Jerome Rexal Soria, Clemrendon

Background with the Study:

Mosquitoes can be a nuisance to the society specially in our health. Is a frequent insect inside the family culicidae ( by latin culex meaning midge organt ). There perroquet about 3, 500 species of mosquitoes located throughout the world. In some species of bug, the females feed on human beings, and are vectors for a number of infectious diseases impacting on millions of people annually. Some scientistbelieve that eliminating mosquitoes would have serious outcomes for any ecosystem. The studies and experiments evolve to review the

effectiveness of Orange Remove as a bug repellant. There were similar researches about this; they used lemon peel to create a repellant. Through this study you want to demonstrate the effectiveness of Orange Peel while mosquito water-proof. The additional researches demonstrated the different uses of citrus fruits in preventing illnesses. As of now, so many people are suffering from diverse diseases caused by mosquito attacks. The numbers affected people rapidly increasing. This is at this point causing problems to the government because many of the affected people are dying. This provides researches and experiments to think about applicable methods to prevent these kinds of cases and an Orange Peel while mosquito repellant is certainly one of this researches

Background from the Study:

1 ) Will the Lemon Peel draw out be able to get rid of mosquitoes? 2 . Will the Fruit Peel will help the people to stop diseases brought on by mosquitoes?

Significance of the Examine:

Using Orange Peels ectract to repel insects would be a advantage to every person because it is inexpensive to make to make from recycling where possible the peels of the grapefruits that you consume. Nowadays, disease, sickness which can be caused by mosquitoes are getting a lot more each day. Through this, we can help a lot of people would be able to reduce the risks in the mosquitoes inside their lives which have been surrounding them.

Scope and Limitation:

This study focuses on how to reduce the risks that are caused by the mosquitoes specifically dengue fever that had been a threat to the people for quite some time today. We also focus on the way you can let people be able to reach their needs in life, that's why we all used affordable materials to make a repellant that might lessen the potential risks to their overall health.

Overview of Related Literature (RRL)

Orange colored is a delightful fruit. Not only in the inner component to orange

(fruit) nevertheless also the exterior part (peel) is useful in several many ways. Here are several unique purposes of Orange Peels.

1 . As a Bathing Powder – dry several orange peels and cause them to become as a powdered. 2 . Mosquito Repellant – apply fruit peels above your exposed skin in nights to repel the mosquitoes. three or more. Get rid of ants. 4. Being a scent – boil fruit peels within the stove by cloves to generate your home stuffed with scent.

five. Keeps brown-sugar soft. six. As Bath oil – dried orange peels can be utilised as homemade bath essential oils. 7. Home Cleaner. almost eight. Kindling in Winter – dried out orange peels can be used while kindling in fire places. The flammable oils located inside the peels enable all of them...