University Declaration of Independence

 School Announcement of Freedom Essay

School Declaration of Independence

The moment in the course of college student events, the college has taken away some of the natural privileges as college students. The school features taken the right of dressing the way we please. The security guards handle do not deal with us with kindness. They are feared by my other students who also are too scared to speak up against such cruelty. The professors who don't reach for the full potential have put into our rebellion. Our sounds and ideas are not read by the primary or his followers. The rules that the institution requires all of us to follow provides contributed to the rebellion. Finally, not every pupil is remedied fairly. As the school explains to students points to wear, and what to never wear, some students have decided not to stick to the silly dress code. We need to have the flexibility to dress however we wish. The security protects yell at us for tiny things. Jogging up the incorrect flight of stairs may cause us to become late to class, especially if we are in a big hurry to our subsequent class. They will force all of us to go back and walk the supposedly correct way into the crowd of people. They scream at us when they over hear some fowl words that accidently slip out. Some teachers by Citrus Hills do not bother to truly their very own students. They can be just generally there to earn their pay, not to correctly educate our young brains. They let it stay to us to learn the fabric. How will we ever study if no-one bothers to train us? They offer us work that will under no circumstances be graded. The market leaders of the school do not take the time to hear what we should have to say. Our suggestions may help us grow into better adults. Our suggestions could change each of our student existence for the better. Several students happen to be treated even more kind and fairly teachers. Students who have are not teacher's pets receive little attention. Teachers claim that they take care of everyone fairly, but that is not true at all. We, the scholars of Citrus Hills wish to declare independence from this college. We want independence. We all desire to be...