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The Central Statistical Organisation in the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation being crucial statistical specialist is vested with the responsibility of preparing standards intended for collection, collection and dissemination of statistical data. The state statistical info are required to become collected and presented relating to classification designed to assist in their employ for nationwide economic plan and for intercontinental comparison. Assessment of statistics available by various sources, on different aspects of the overall economy, and user friendliness of this sort of data pertaining to economic evaluation are requirement for standardization of a approach to classification. 2 . The Central Statistical Company (CSO), which is responsible for dexterity of statistical activities in the country as well as for growing and preserving statistical criteria took up the task of growing a standard commercial classification as early as in 1960 and advanced a Standard Commercial Classification (SIC) in 1962. To take care of the numerous changes in the corporation and composition of industrial sectors, the necessity to revise the commercial classification continues to be felt from time to time. With this kind of objective, the CSO modified SIC 62 in 1970 (NIC-70), NIC-1970 in 1987 (NIC-87) and NIC-87 in 1998 (NIC-98). It is during 1998, 4-digit of ISIC-3 was folled in toto in NIC-1998 and these 4-digits were extended up to 5-digits based on nationwide needs. Following release in the United Nations Worldwide Standard Professional Classification (ISIC) - 2002 Rev. 3. 1, NIC-1998 was up to date keeping in line with ISIC Rev 3. one particular and the updated version, namely NIC-2004 was adopted. 3. The United Countrywide Statistical Commission considered the draft ISIC revision-4 during the thirty eighth session of UNSC for adoption by simply all the member countries in the year 2008. The SCIS of the Ministry set up an expert panel under the Chairmanship of Dr . S. T. Nath, DG (CSO) on 20. '07. 2007. Three meetings of the Steering Panel were held about 26. 10. 2007, 13. 5. 08, 05. 09. 2008 respectively and in the next meeting the draft NIC 2008 was approved by the Committee CSO (IS Wing), Kolkata achieved this task of revision NIC-2004 consistent with draft ISIC Revision-4 under the leaderhip of Shri P. C. Sarker, DDG. 4. I would like to place in record my appreciation pertaining to the work made by the officers of CSO (IS Wing) particularly Shri Debasish Sarkar, Representative, Shri G. Punjabi, Joint Director and Shri Soumya Chakraborty, Dy. Director, Shri Jhulan Kar, DDG, FOD (EZ). Smt. Mita Roy Chowdhary, DDG, DPD, Shri Atanushasan Basu, Director, SDRD deserve especial thanks for entering the details in the draft and making required changes. Shri Vijay Kumar, ADG of Economic Statistics Division of CSO was accountable for monitoring the whole work. a few. Improvement of classification and the updation is usually an on going task and I would desire the users to follow along with NIC-2008 substantially and give comments/observations based upon the experience of work with, which would go a long way to improve the future classification.

September, 08 New Delhi

(Dr. S. K. Nath) Director General, CSO

Officials Associated With Preparing of Nationwide Industrial Classification-2008 Shri Jhulan Kar, DDG, FOD (EZ), NSSO Smt. Mita Roychowdhury, DDG, SDRD, NSSO Shri Paritosh Chandra Sarker, DDG, CSO (IS Wing) Shri Atanushasan Basu, Director, SDRD, NSSO Shri Debasish Sarkar, Director, CSO (IS Wing) Shri Ghanshyam Panjabi, Joint Director, CSO (IS Wing) Shri Soumya Chakraborty, Deputy Director, CSO (IS Wing) Shri Sanjib Basu, Deputy Director, CSO (IS Wing) Shri P. K. Gupta, Ex-DPA, CSO (IS Wing) Shri D. N. Ghosh, DPA, CSO (IS Wing) Shri Kalyan Sarkar, Stenographer, CSO (IS Wing)

Countrywide INDuStrIAl ClASSIfICAtION - 08 (NIC-2008)