Hometown Dissertation

iPhones, Facebook or myspace and Xbox. Twitter, Blogs and Instagram. YouTube, Netflix and Television… Have you have you ever been so confused with the pandemonium of the 21st century lifestyle and needed time for you to unwind, unplug, regroup, or maybe take a deep breath? While i am with this state of mind, I realize what I need to do. My secureness lies with all the familiar dispatched of farm animals, small family owned shops, rocky back-roads squashed by vehicles playing region songs, and houses smeared across miles of areas. Our origins lie within our hometowns. My own lie within a peaceful little town nestled in a pit, where small-town values are held and our limited knit community pulls with each other in times of joy and in sticky situations. This is where We am given an relieve and a feeling of belonging through which no additional town may boast. Cardiovascular system racing, existing thoughts of a stressed mind, and fingertips clicking 1 mile a minute; I have become unacquainted with the outside beauty of the world and consumed within my house studying for finals day after day, simply living through a virtual universe. I consider my lanyard out by my put on backpack and jump in to the car ?nternet site turn the keys into the ignition. The crisp sounding engine of my sterling silver car delivers a comfort to my tensed human body. My home town is stylish and small , and only choosing at most five minutes to visit across town. Every I want is always to relax and take a break from my disseminated mind and so i decided to go into a family owned restaurant to grab coffee and a bagel. But first, I choose to take a few back highways with my own windows folded down, and my locks sailing inside the wind as I take a moment to assemble my thoughts. As soon as I arrived I was welcomed with an enormous volume of familiar faces, as always, who welcomed me. Ahh… I could practically feel the panic melting off of me. The hostess happened to seat me inside my favorite spot; a couch in the back of the restaurant. As I sat presently there, time exceeded so quickly as I shut down my eyes and took a break from fact to enjoy my own chocolate chip bagel and pumpkin spice...