Great Minds Believe Alike: An Inspiring Quote around me

 Great Heads Think Equally: An Inspiring Quote in My Life Dissertation

Superb Minds Think Alike

My life continues to be amazing to date. Through all of the ups and downs, laughs and frowns I didn't trade this for any various other life. I had it all simply by holding faithful to my philosophy and my personal philosophies. Nobody described my own way of thinking a lot better than the man him self, Kanye Western. In the tune " Last Call" away from his album The College Dropout he spits, " I could allow these fantasy killers eliminate my self- esteem or use my arrogance since the steam to electricity my dreams. " (West, 2003) Right now anybody thats knows myself, really, will tell you that's exactly how I believe. Some people may possibly say that I come off as pompous but its not really that by any means. Its that i don't let people designate me a life. Through my life I've usually heard, " O he can't, to he wont" and every time i observed it, even more pressure was applied on me to succeed. Today, some people will use that as a reason to give up. Rather, I chose Kanye's second image resolution, that way in the event nobody otherwise believed in myself, I would. People think that by talking to me that they instantly have the key to the person known as Antonio Spivey. So if i no longer excel I' ve simply became a stereotype. So , I utilized my characteristics to make my own dreams that much closer to grasp. I actually don't need to be one of those guys out there operating from the law enforcement, even though just about every black man already is usually. " Calling all automobiles, be on the appearance out for a black guy between 4' 7" and 6' 8", thats what you here on the authorities scanners of whenever a criminal offense is committed. This estimate really motivates me since it makes myself realize that someone else has made it thinking the same way I do. All my life there has always been a person to say beneath the thick make is obviously with that kind of attitude, but yet he has. It encourages me to stay myself irrespective of whats added too front of

me because I am the things i am certainly nothing more. My spouse and i can't be what these mental bounty sportsman want me to be. I can be Antonio because that's all I know how to become. I won't permit John Doe...