Yahoo s Orkut in Brazil

 Google s Orkut in Brazil Research Paper

п»їQ.: How do online communities work? What has contributed to their tremendous popularity? A.:

The first phase of the Web was all about content submitting by " experts”, without any possibility of conversation between customer and writer. The second phase of the World wide web, Web 2. zero, is identified by social media tools, which support social connections and links with people, and collaboration and sharing, and the creation of user-generated content material. This was the change that allowed first social networks. Great example of such are groups of people who discuss common hobbies, and social networking sites offer various ways for their users to socialize, such as conversation, messaging, email, as well as discuss files, blog and go over online. The principle behind social networking sites frequently occurs. One must register himself in the internet site, create and edit a profile with his personal data, put photos, feedback, multimedia content material and share this with other users of the same community. The differences between several sites are mostly in the way this information may be accessed and shared. Facebook or myspace allows look for anyone but access to their information in only when they agree to join the network; Facebook is more unique and group oriented, where used can decide who can see his info and until which extent. Orkut allows one to visit anybody's profile, until a potential visitor is in your " Ignore List"  The fact that social networking sites enable people to sign up for other individuals with the same interests as them is one of the main reasons for its achievement. Moreover, you can belong to more than one group of hobbies, which is in my opinion the biggest advantage of these electronic friendships compared to face to face ones. It is very challenging for a person in true to life to are part of more than 2 or 3 groups of good friends with different pursuits as it takes time, it takes availableness and for some reason groups in real life causes you to exclude different groups. As an example, if you have a group...

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