Finance Exploration Paper

Finance Division

Finance 320 (501): Cash and Bank

Syllabus; Wintertime, 2013

Instructor: D. Claire Bateman

Position: DePaul Middle Room 8210

Time: Monday & Wednesday; 11: 40 am to at least one: 20 evening

Office: DePaul Center; 5549

Telephone: 312-362-8351

Email: [email protected] edu

Office Hours: Wednesday & Wednesday: 9: 00-10: 00 i am; 2: 30-4: 00 pm

Tuesday: on the lookout for: 00-12: 00 am; one particular: 00-3: 00 pm;

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Course Objective:

Our goal will be to appreciate money plus the financial system as well as integral role in the economy. All of us will check out:

• How financial marketplaces determine interest levels and for what reason different resources earn diverse rates of returns • The economical functions of financial services businesses

• The risk supervision practices of economic services organizations • The role of regulation in controlling the tendencies of financial services firms • How the central bank and financial services firms interact to create liquidity in the financial system and markets • The role of the central bank throughout the economy and the carry out of financial policy • How economic policy activities influence the pricing of assets plus the economy • Elements of economic systems and just how financial market segments and establishments function in the global financial program. We will likely examine current events and trends in these areas along with the regulating environment, intercontinental financial devices, and economical industry loan consolidation.


Key Required Textual content: Cecchetti, Stephen: Money, Bank and Economic Markets, Third edition, McGraw-Hill 2008; Modified for DePaul University.

Additional required and supplemental blood pressure measurements will be posted on D2L.

Prerequisites: Fin 310

Teaching Procedure:

The method of instruction will be lecture, group discussion and written examination of relevant matters. It is essential that you just complete the assigned readings by the scheduled dates and that you be...