Clarify the positive and negative elements of counter-urbanization

 Explain good and negative factors of counter-urbanization Composition

Explain the positive and negative elements of counter-urbanization. (15 marks) Counter-urbanisation is the movement of individuals from cities into country areas (leaving the city and moving to smaller neighborhoods and villages). It can involve either a movements of employment to non-urban areas, or maybe a movement of folks to non-urban areas who have then travel, and this requires people like middle course families or perhaps young experts. This will happen in areas that have good transport links just like St Ives Cambridge which usually lies for the A1123 just of the A14which links Saint Ives with Cambridge and supplies access to the A1 the industry road straight into London and the regular locomotives make the access to the urban centers of Cambridge and London very easy. The result of the people that commute might cause an increased use of commuter train station all around settlement. Large car possession often incorporates these new residents, and commuting on the city can cause an increase in congestion upon country roads which weren't built to cope with the loss of traffic. Traffic polluting of the environment affects the quality of the area. Community residents detest the ‘weekenders' who tend not to contribute to the stability of the town, disappear during the day/week. They have different cultural norms -- wine consuming, barbeques, quickly cars which have been different to get the people. The local shopkeeper will see possibility of more buyers, but will need to modify create sold at the. g. embrace videos, liquor, and freezing food. However some classic rural services such as the mobile collection, village post office, etc . may possibly close straight down. This is due to the key population of the village travelling and making use of the services in the cities or perhaps place of work instead, they do not make use of public support, which causes their particular decline. Beginners will also raise the price of housing so that local people cannot afford the prices. The newcomers sees the area like a delightful location to live, peaceful and clean air. There is a insufficient haste in the village, with pleasant...