Unit a couple of P7 M3 Unit five P5 M2 D2

 Unit 2 P7 M3 Unit a few P5 M2 D2 Composition


Method (U5 M2)

Workings – show calculations

Ratio Greggs

2011 (U5 M2)

Rate Greggs


Has ratio improved or declined?

Proportion measures-



or Efficiency

(a) Identify Greggs performance in 2010 (U5 P5 U2 P7)

(b) Compare Greggs performance 2011 to 2010. (U2 M3 U5 M2)

Gross Revenue Margin %

61. 3%

61. 8%



The business will certainly calculate their very own gross earnings, to allow the organization to know their particular profit with sales of stock included. In 2010 Greggs performance implies that for every £1 that the organization make Greggs get sixty one. 8p (pence) profit. The cost per pound for 2010 was equal to three or more. 82p this kind of what Greggs had intended for expenses.

Nevertheless , in 2011 Gregg performance implies that every £1 the business generate they made 61. 3p profit. This kind of shows that Greggs Profit include decreased by 0. 5p. Also, Gregg's sales rejected from the previous year. Working Profit Margin %

almost eight. 8%

six. 9%



The business enterprise will determine their net profit, to permit the business to know their earnings without product sales of inventory. In 2010 Gregg performance implies that for every £1 that the organization receive Greggs make six. 9p income. The cost every pound for 2010 was comparable to 0. 21 years old.

However , this year Gregg efficiency shows that every £1 the company receive they make 8. 8p profit. This kind of shows that Greggs Profit include increased by 0. 9p. Also, Gregg's sales increased from the prior year. Because of this the business is definitely making even more profit for each and every £1. Current Ratio

zero. 68: one particular

0. 74: 1



Current ratio is a simple way for the organization to use to calculate their liquidity. The present ratio demonstrates Greggs efficiency in 2010 that Greggs features 74p really worth to every £1 that the organization owes. And this means that the business is able to spend its debt easily out from the current property.

However , Gregg efficiency in 2011 demonstrates the company has 68p well worth to every £1 that the business owes. Likewise, this...