Want and Employer

 Want and Employer Essay


Employer: Tell me about yourself.

You: I am a genial dedicated specific, I enjoy dealing with people, and I have also been checking out a career in the nursing field for 3 years, I have experience in working together with the elderly, supervision. ____ ___________________________________________________________________

Employer: What do you know about (name of company)?

You: I know that you all require nurses whom are very flexible energetic and i also will b responsible for this sort of task while. Assist with medication reminders; oversee dietary recommendations with meals preparation, personal care washing assist with dress up and light housekeeping. ___ ___________________________________________________________________

Employer: Is it possible to please discuss your experience with the last two jobs in your resume?

You: _My last two jobs I was never overdue, responsible, industrious, flexible and a dedicated individual ___________________________________________________________________

Workplace: Why do you think you want to work here?

You: _I would want to work for this provider because I can utilize my own current expertise I know although also be a property to your firm. _____ ___________________________________________________________________

Employer: Tell me what you find as being the greatest power and your greatest weakness as an employee.

You: I am committed, trusted, hardworking, adaptable timely person and some weak spot are I need to believe in me more yet I i am currently taking care of this and has got a great deal better. ____ ___________________________________________________________________

Employer: Why do you think you'd be the best person for this job?

You: I would be the best person for this job because I possess all the resources and skills to fit the position in which I use applied to. ______...