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F Douglass

We had just gotten back again from an extremely disappointing game. I may remember what the score was but we got lose pretty bad. And so there are a number people chilling surrounding the park discussing afterwards and that we all made a decision that we had to get some marijuana and go hangout somewhere and make an effort to forget about the conquering we had only gotten in the game earlier in the evening. We all chipped in and one of the folks made a weed run. When he got back we made a decision that it wasn't a good idea to stay the recreation area and smoke cigars so we were trying to figure out someplace to go and chill. In that case Dave chimes in that his family acquired just relocated from their home a couple weeks before and the place was still empty and he still had his key. It sounded like a decent place to go towards the rest of all of us so we jumped in our cars and headed about over to Dave's old property. We pull up to the place and Dork jumps away goes and unlocks the doorway for us. Many of us get inside and start playen some music and smoking and dreamland a good ‘ol time. And so we're all having a pretty good period until after having a while Sawzag, the guy whose stick it was, begins throwing bottles around and trashing the area. My friends and i also saw this kind of and realized something was up and so we all decided to split. Following we still left it was not to overdue yet therefore some of us require a little joyride around community before we all head residence. Well, once we got back to varsity the following Monday we thought it was going to always be just another trip to school nevertheless later the next day the cops show up. 1 by 1 all of us who had been at the get together end up getting referred to as down to front side office and therefore are questioned by cops. a few guys ended up being getting imprisoned that time (I wasn't one of them). It turns out the house we all went to in the evening wasn't actually Dave's. His Family got just been renting the house and had recently been evicted from it a couple weeks earlier. The cops monitored us down because they will got fingerprints from the property and a couple of the guys currently had a record with the cops and they...