Creativity and Affiliates

 Creativity and Team Members Composition

Lan Nguyen

BSBINN301A - Process 1

1 ) What reflections will you need to create before you can begin brainstorming concepts? We will have to reflect on every team members personal skills. Measure the team's demands and what the team really wants to acheive. 2 . Why is it vital that you acknowledge and pay attention to about the backgrounds and skills in the team members within your group? It is important to understand the skills with the people inside the group to be aware of what all their strong items are and to delegate those to task to efficiently communicate. 3. while team head, give your five examples of ground rules you would set up, after consulting with the additional members of your team. 1) All affiliates should respect each other's ideas.

2) Hold each individual accountable and responsible.

3) Communication and information showing procedures

4) Encourage creative imagination and the advancement effective associations between associates of the crew. 5) Acknowledge that each affiliate comes from diverse backgrounds, need to treat each other with fairness and credibility. 4. Term 5 features you believe you need to possess to become an effective crew leader? 1) Must be reasonable and genuine

2) Familiarity with how to encourage team members to produce effective outcomes. 3) Provide resources, time and support pertaining to the team to form and develop. 4) Teach winning approaches and tactics for they

5) work interference and remove limitations in order to permit employees carry out their careers. 5) It is necessary to utilize exterior stimuli, to effectively generate new suggestions and alternatives. Name a few sources of exterior stimuli that you could access? 1) Legislation

2) Research info

3) Customer, supplier, shareholder and other stakeholder feedback 4) Best practice information

5) Political and socio-economic information that will impact on operations 6) Describe several methods of motivating your associates to share their knowledge and experience. 1) Celebration of successful innovation

2) Worker recognition, such as employee of the...