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David Mikhael Mr. Snow Innovative Writing Might 22, 2013

R. I. P. Athena

Today, we all morn the tragic loss in a great goodness. On May twenty-two, 2013, the fantastic god Athena was discovered dead about mount Olympus. She will always be remembered permanently as the goddess of wisdom and military win. She was also the guardian and patron of Athens, Greece. She helped build Athens into a fiscal power property in Portugal. She has afflicted the lifestyle of Greece as well. Most of the cultures and beliefs which might be there are as a result of her presence. She has inspired millions. Coming from generations past to years future, young women have looked up with her and she has played an optimistic role unit to all of them. She helps all those who have call upon her to develop perception beyond generally there years. This wounderful woman has truly encouraged millions.

Information of her death later Wednesday evening spread quickly through out everyone. The news was shocking for all. Great misery spread throughout the world. A few hours after her death, candle light vigils and memorial service ceremonies were hosted through out the world wor. deb

Universe. People coming from all around visited mount Olympus to place flowers on the door to Athena's residence.

With Athena absent, many persons feel dropped without her. Her is currently trying to help the persons move on. Her father, Zeus, has instructed everyone to never be sad or weep. Zeus, the ruler of Olympus, features that kind of power over all of the land. Athena's brother in law Hercules provides decided to make peace along with his enemies to honor his sister in law. Athena had been aiming to make peacefulness with him and his opponents for years yet again she is eliminated he decides to listen. Funny how persons start to listen when your lifeless. Athena will be laid to relax on Wed May up to 29, 2013.



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