Principles great Writing

 Principles great Writing Dissertation

Principles great Writing

Leslie A. Slope

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Vipanjeet Kaur

About the Essay

• " Principles of Good Writing” has been

taken from L. A. Hill's publication A Preface, prologue to


• The essay provides us the essential features of

very good writing. D. A. Slope explains that writing

skills can be perfected with practice and


• The essayist has also given a couple of practical

suggestions of good composing.

Key Points

• The first step should be to think rationally and

clearly. Such considering helps all of us to write

clearly and realistically. This, however , is

difficult in the beginning mainly because our

brain wanders continuously. But the capability

to think clearly and logically can be

increased with practice.

• Second is to increase our

vocabulary and phrase. The best way

to perfect vocabulary and find out new phrases

and phrases should be to inculcate studying habits.

Key Points cont…

• Learn to write simply by actually producing and it

needs a lots of hard work. Select topics of

your individual interest from day to day life or

your own experience. Browse newspaper

properly to obtain new topics to write on.

• Continue to keep a laptop or journal with you to make note of

down the tips that come on your mind.

• Write interestingly. In order to do so that you

have to recognize your readers and their

interests. In case you are writing to get

teenagers in that case write a thing that

appeals to all of them.

Key Points cont…

• The majority of readers have an interest in the

present. So your publishing should be

tightly related to contemporary period. Choose

matters of topical interest – latest clothing


• Opening/introductory paragraph should

catch readers focus and should be

very interesting.

• The main human body of publishing should present

the ideas introduced in first passage.

Come to the point simultaneously, avoid

irrelevant material and then conclude this.

Key Points cont…

• Take interest in what you are producing. Believe in

your viewpoint deeply and convince your

viewers of your honesty.

• Steer clear of forcing your own problems upon visitors.

Take interest inside your readers concerns and

talk about them.

• Create your very own style of composing. Do not copy

anyone else's style of publishing.

• Compose simply and in a conversational tone.

Complex and furnished style is usually not in fashion.

Use very clear and simple English with no jargon,

officialese and common expressions.

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