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Electronic shop Dreams – Case Study

Sartorio, Joey M.

Engineering Management

Date Posted: August 10, 2013

Dr . Guillermo M. Rago Junior.


More than three decades ago a small shop selling receptor radios in which opened simply by Mr. Andy Mallari. This carried a wide variety of assortment parts used in the assembly of digital appliances. Together with his achievement, the particular owner is thinking to duplicate his approach and spread his business in major cities of Cabanatuan. Right now there came an occasion that Mister. Mallari's point of view changed considerably because of the big desire in duplicating his former classmate Mr. Chan who owns a well-establish product assembly grow in Manila. His plans for his children are to send them to a great engineering university for them to help him create his own assembly plant.


Business expansion may be the dream of every single entrepreneur. Mister. Mallari wants to expand his operations in other big villages of San Jose, Gapan and Guimba. Mr. Mallari's perspective altered from advancing his procedure in other big towns of Cabanatuan alternatively to establish an appliance assembly grow.

He thinks that his sons may help him by simply pursuing an engineering course and he presumed that his sons would take it with out their acceptance. Mr. Mallari's lack of ability, expertise and abilities in sustaining a huge machine assembly grow would be extremely hard for him to be a subcontractor in an electronic manufacturing plant. Also he would have to consult his son if they are willing enough to take a great engineering course. Mr. Mallari should remember that he will end up being competing with a well-established assemblage plant that his classmate back in school owns.


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