Carl Jung's Theory concerning Persona Types

 Carl Jung’s Theory relating to Personality Types Essay

п»їCarl Jung's Theory regarding Personality Types

This essay will give an introduction to Carl Jung and what started his research, the essay will discuss Carls Jung's persona types and the characteristics and will also discuss the Myers Briggs type indication. The composition will also go over falsification of type along with what Carl Jung considered to be the cure intended for falsification of type. Criticisms of personality type and MBTI can also be discussed and conclusion this essay will discuss the way we can use character types and MBTI within our own operate.

Carl Jung & The start of Personality Theory

Carl Gustav Jung came to be in Switzerland in 1875. His first choice of research was archaeology but he went to examine medicine with the University of Basil even though working for the neurologist Krafft Ebing this individual settled on psychiatry. After graduation he had taken a position at the Burghoeltzli Mental Hospital, he also educated classes on the university in Zurich, had a private practice and made word association. In 1907 Carl Jung met Freud in Vienna where the two are meant to have got spent 13 hours chatting their a friendly relationship started off good with Jung championing various Freudian ideas but over time their a friendly relationship began to weaken. Jung felt that Freud focused excessive on libido and that Freud's concept of the unconscious was too limited and unfavorable. The official break up happened once Jung resigned from the foreign psychoanalytic our elected representatives. Then in 1913 Carl Jung a new dream, this individual dreamt that there was a monstrous avalanche engulfing Europe and terme conseille at the mountain range of Switzerland. He noticed thousands of people drowning and world crumbling. Inside the following weeks he continuing to have distressing dreams through which he dreamed of endless winters and rivers of blood. Carl Jung thought he was getting psychotic yet on the initial August WWI began and Jung experienced there was a connection between himself as well as the rest of mankind, thus began Jung's unpleasant journey of self-exploration which will formed the foundation for his theory's.

Personality Theory Attitudes & Capabilities

Carl Jung determined that people act and react to stimulus and scenarios differently. He classified people into two different groups, depending on the way they behaved. Jung called the two of these different groups attitudes and classified people as possibly extraverts or perhaps introverts; Extraverts – Those who are extraverts are better able to manage external stimulation such as persons and items. They seek out things outside the house themselves to aid fulfil all of them Introverts – People who are introverts are better suited deal with internal stimulus and appearance inside themselves for fulfilment. In addition to the two attitudes Jung further categorized people in four features types Physical and Intuitive which refers to our favored way of collecting information and Thinking and feeling which in turn refers to the way in which we help to make decisions. Sensory – Those who are more physical tend to just like specific answers and deal in facts and figures Intuitive – People who find themselves more user-friendly tend to opt to gather data through concepts and ideas. Thinking – People who are thinkers tend to prefer to make decisions based on medical fact and concrete truths. Feeling -- People who help to make decisions issues feelings, trust in their thoughts and sensitivities. The 4 functions and two attitudes made up Carl Jung's unique personality types it was after expanded as well as two even more functions where added which in turn deal with the way in which people live their lives these are judgers and perceivers; Judges – Prefer to reside in an organized way and like structure and organisation. Perceivers – Prefer to live more spontaneously and are also more adaptive.

The theory was after that used by Katharine Cook Brigg and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers who after studying Carl Jung's operate extensively flipped the theory of psychological types to a useful use. They will created the Myer Briggs indicator believing that knowledge of personality...