Twin Sis Shannon

 Twin Sister Shannon Composition

Alison Risko 9/6/14 Mr. Mendo They would. English

Let me begin by saying it's a whole lot harder to write down about your self than you think. Last night once i typed this, it took me longer than it likely should have. Nevertheless that might just be me. Anyways, I'll start off with when I was born. My own twin sibling Shannon and i also were born at the Atlantic City The hospital on Thursday night, January 28th, 1999. Shannon and I will be fraternal twin babies, and most people that we meet up with never have faith in us when we let them know we're baby twins. She has frizzy hair and blue eyes, and appears nothing like me personally. We are precisely thirty eight minutes aside. We practically do and share everything collectively, which can be kind of annoying at times, but I don't actually mind. It is good 3 different sisters. The oldest, Katie is nineteen, going on 20 on Sept. 2010 27th. The girl with going into her second 12 months at college. She transferred from Freedom University to Stockton College or university this year. My personal second most well-known sister, Emily is 18. She just went into her first year of college for Christopher Newport cigarettes University in Virginia. The youngest of my family is definitely Julia, who will be 10 increase in turning 14 soon; which can be crazy because it seems like merely yesterday she was a baby. Then you will discover my parents, Marilyn and Phil cannella, who I really like very much and are also always there for me personally. We've all been living in Swainton since 1999. After Shannon and i also were created, we occupied Sea Aisle for 6 months while our home was being developed. My sisters and I have hot to Central Township the whole lives. I think want to know the best part about each of our school is that there are so many several activities and clubs to complete. I love that we have a dress code rather than a uniform mainly because that gives everybody a chance to express themselves. The most detrimental part is usually...