Bonk for the Head and Artistic Amnesia in the Underworld

 Bonk around the Head and Artistic Stupor in the Underworld Essay


Bonk on the Head and Creative Amnesia inside the Underworld

John-James Ford's Bonk on the Head illustrates the outlandish and exhausting journey of an normal man, which in turn culminates in an ironic and irrecoverable downward spiral. The purpose of building a story in the emblematic framework of your descent is always to emphasize its theme, which can be very immediate: " The overall theme of ancestry, we claim, was that of a growing distress of id and of limitations to action” (Frye as per Hurley's handout). This loss in identity throughout the descent thrusts the protagonist onto the archetypal quest for truth, which theme is definitely latently emphasized within the allegorical underworld. In literature, people who embrace fine art and language are stimulated with the ability to surpasse suffering, while those who decline these are condemned. In Bonk on the Head, Herbert rejects the essential fact within his reach that may be made available through art and language, and their intrinsic ability to communicate and evoke thoughts and feelings; consequently, this kind of rejection falls Herbert in to the night universe, accelerates his dehumanization and prevents him from ever before realizing the main truths. Artwork and terminology operate within Bonk for the Head as the fact of fulfilment and identity, and this theme is highlighted within the platform of the descent narrative and the ironic style. Art and language work as a central theme inside descent narratives and the satrical mode. The cabability to express thoughts and feelings and talk are critical to the substance of humankind; consequently, the losing of identity and humanity portrayed by the paradigm of the mythological descent can be further emphasized through the loss of expression. The Colonel can be an explicit personification of this inability to communicate; he can clearly objectified through his identification as the Colonel and his restriction to " MilSpeak” towards the point that he can not anymore carry out a dinner discussion. The Colonel represents the objectification individuals for which fine art cautions; regrettably for Herbert, the fated father complicated dominates his existence and he was fated to a comparable loss of humanity. Gertie presents the romantic ideals of artistic appearance and liberty, for which her underground newspapers provides a literal and figurative escape; accordingly, if Gertie was the protagonist of Bonk on the Mind, the story would be characterized by the comedy mode and ascent. Her newspaper was a medium intended for subverting and transcending the oppression of society: Gertie's Rag was the product of slow and patient function. She published about the west –and did it in a way that was honest and unmerciful. The sole teacher who had fought against her expulsion, Mister. Bayne, spoken to me about it after Gertie had remaining. " It's really too bad about your sis. Gertie is a girl who have grown also tall too quickly for the short quilt of denial” (Ford 41). When Gertie could not anymore express herself freely, your woman was needed to escape in a more literal feeling. Her archetypal journey of ascent controlled within Bonk on the Mind as a immediate contrast to Herbert's descent. While Gertie was reborn from the womb of the crawlspace under the stairways into independence of manifestation and enlightenment, Herbert descended into a great underworld of repression and loss of individuality. By exploring Bonk for the Head through Northrop Frye's descent narrative framework, it can be evident that art starts Herbert's voyage, and, subsequently, descent to a lower community. Herbert explicitly experiences a fragmentation of consciousness, in which he can neither define nor comprehend his concept of independence and identity (Frye according to Hurley's handout): I remember we all arrived residence when time had ended and night had not but come. Ensemble in half-light, Buttercup seemed illusory, like she was more of a friend than a vehicle. The expedition was already dreamlike. What had been accomplished felt nothing short of genius, like we'd considered part in...