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Does Consequence Deter Criminal offense?

Crime control is a situation, and one of the oldest conditions that society handles. In cultural science, the idea is that punishment and imprisonment are two basic tools to control crime. The prevention effect of abuse and imprisonment is hard to impose about any person, however, if the punishment is far more severe and harsh, the crime price in any situation will be reduce. If somebody thinks of the consequences of any type of lawbreaker activity that could result in spending any amount of the time in prison, this should prevent potential offenders from almost any criminal activity. Any rational person really should have constructive quest for goals and values for their own life. Retribution:

The oldest justification for punishment is to satisfy the need for retribution. Retribution is an take action of moral vengeance when society makes the arrest suffer just as much as the sufferer of the lawbreaker act. Many people think that retribution would not reform the offender and still think that vengeance is a basis for punishment yet that is society's revenge for any moral wrong. The idea to get a balance associated with an injustice by simply an equal rights of the explained injustice amounts up the rule of vengeance. The seriousness of penalty for offense should be fair and proportionate to the seriousness of the criminal offense. The concept frequently occurs to most cultures throughout the world and several documents indicate this worth in the several world ethnicities, but a judgment if the punishment is acceptable for a crime varies among cultures and individuals. " Islam lays down four types of punishment intended for enemies of God plus the crimes committed by each of the seven convicts do not necessitate the loss of life sentence, he noted, but did not declare what treatment their offences deserved. ”(News Agency, Iran) The level of punishment should be balanced to the seriousness of the criminal offenses. This does not necessarily indicate that the treatment should be comparable to the criminal offense. According to a few people, the severity of a crime is determined by...