Essay about Aqualisa

Aqualisa Quartz: Just a Better Shower room

Decision sheet

Submitted by simply: Ankit Garg (Section B)


Develop a marketing strategy for Aqualisa Quartz

Market Segmentation



Market Characteristics

Pricing portion


Through showrooms, top rated and support


Rely on independent local plumber, emphasize performance & service


Convenience and cost. Avoid excavation. Use impartial plumber Division channel

Operate shops

Primary customer is definitely plumber, deficiency of expertise to each product


High-end, gives solution to customers, experts about product

Try it for yourself

Retail outlets, discounted products, mass market

Unit installation method

By developer

Prefer reliable, nice looking goods. Price very sensitive

By showroom

2 position, require significant bathroom excavation

By Local plumber

Avoid new product, hesitant to switch brands, avoid electronics, advice brands to clients, 54% of market share

SWOT Analysis (Quartz)


Esy-to-install (takes half a day), remarkably valuable for plumbers Useful & reliable water supply

Temperature control is automatic

Do not require mechanical control to be put in the shower. Completed remotely. Single hole drilling. No excavation.


Used electronics which in turn plumbers averted

Very high selling price. Niche product

Low manufacturer awareness of Quartz product

Ought to point out zero existing products to sell Quartz. Will cannibalize the revenue of existing product Opportunities

It was a breakthrough item. Had probability of become sector standard Technology could be employed in baths, basins, etc


Competitors will begin using this technology sooner or later


Since set up through plumbers constitute 54% of the market share, getting them on side is essential. Arrange a conference intended for developers and plumbers and educate all of them about the huge benefits of the Quartz showers. Offer free sample to plumbers in order to try...