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One of the main themes coming from all My Sons by Arthur Miller may be the relationship among family, close friends, and even culture. A closely related topic to this can be individuality and how each persona has separate goals, concepts, and behaviour towards the other characters and situations inside the plot. Arthur Miller once said, " We are all distinct people”, and characters via All My Daughters, such as Doctor Jim Bayliss, Ann Deever, and Bob Keller, Support this concept.

Dr . Jim Bayliss is a doctor in his forties, who is today living following to the Kellers. He is married to his money-obsessed and cynical partner. Sue. Jim is a good neighbor, looking in on Kate when she is ill, obtaining George, and searching for Philip. Jim's key quality that separates him from the different characters can be his insufficient independency in the actions. He ultimately his wife's servant and must conform to her wants, coming back home and becoming a training doctor following she wanted for him to do so. Jim doesn't help to make his internal feeling noted and makes simply no judgments of others. He seems lost, and even says, " It's even hard at times to remember the sort of man I needed to be” (Miller three or more. 25).

Ann is the girl of Dorrie Deever, past neighbor with the Kellers, as well as former fiancée of the dead Larry Keller, and the current fiancée of Chris Keller. She returned to live with the Kellers by Chris' request. Even though she is young, Ann knows what she would like and her display of independency and obtainment of desires is her primary characteristic. The girl turns her back on her father if he was convicted during the business scandal and moved to New York and got work. During her stay with the Kellers, Ann has no problem going resistant to the denial troubled, fierce, and older Kate, openly expressing, " You made Philip feel accountable with me… I'd like one to tell him that Larry is usually dead and that you know it. You comprehend me? ” (3. 86), during among their arguments over Lewis. Ann may be the only persona throughout the enjoy that...