Advertising and marketing to Kids

 Advertising to Children Essay


A great various media works extremely well by promoters in order to effectively target children. There are several multimedia options to succeed in children, and other continuously innovating and purchasing stronger existence among them. This consists of broadcast press, being tv the most effective medium to reach children (Moore, 2004). Besides, produce advertising, merchandise placements, revenue promotions and public relations may not be underestimated while an effective multimedia to reach children. However , there is other media progressively appearing as a potential medium to succeed in children, Elizabeth Moore (2004) affirms that in-school advertising packaging style are also potential tools pertaining to marketing kids. TV ADVERTISING

Television remains as the most effective media to succeed in children. In the usa there is evidence that kids watch television set commercial for approximately five hours per week having access to as many as 25, 000 advertisements in a year. (Moore, 2004) The latest studies revealed that tweens view television as the only most important method to obtain product info (Lindstrom and Seybold, 2003) Television ads help children to create manufacturer awareness in a number of product types and also to make potentially thoughts and opinions on them. GROWING MEDIA

Currently new press represents possible ways to reach children and enhance manufacturer communication. Studies of media use claim that other equipment as the internet and print advertising accustomed to reach children are supplementing Tv set rather than dispatching it (Montgomery, 2001) Additionally, advertising for seperate brands now frequently can be found in more than one mass media, capitalizing on the precise advantages of different communication channels. (Moore, 2004) THE INTERNET

The world wide web lately have been considered as the emerging multimedia to reach children and it represents a clear opportunity for advertisers. According to the ALL OF US Department Education (2003) roughly 88% of children...