Abolish the Penny

 Abolish the Penny Article

Abolish the Penny

Among 2001 and 2006, there has been an increase of. 6 pennies for the reproduction in the penny. This increase displays economic issues that may lead to fatal ones. The penny is composed of 2% copper mineral and 98% zinc. These elements are tremendously in demand leading to the price of these types of materials to skyrocket. Metric scale system think the penny can be putting our country in jeopardy with economical losses. This kind of meaningless gold coin is taking a loss for the mint, and really should be eliminated.

The dime costs 1 . 4 cents to manufacture each time at the mint. This is causing the mint to get rid of money for the treasury. Last year, the mint earned $730 , 000, 000 dollars in profit. Various mint officials claim the estimation will probably be about $45 million as a result of cost of precious metals made in money. Our country is carrying on to have a very strong economy with all the stock market segments going up. The penny may well affect these types of benefits from the rapid production of these cash. Copper and zinc are the main factors that create the penny. With the rising costs of these elements, our economy may back up a bit. Because of this, the U. S. mint should decrease their penny production.

The Lincoln cent has produced excessive sums that is ensuing outrageous mintages into the enormous amounts. While the penny production offers suprassed one billion consider the 1950's, a change happened. The Denver colorado Mint experienced assumed the role as the nation's main source pertaining to the lincoln pennies. The 1952 creation of 746, 130, 000 D-mint mere cents quadrupled the Philadelphia end result. As a result, Colorado struck multiple billion Lincolns in the late 50s. Into the age of the 60's, Philadelphia, Colorado and S . fransisco minted an overall total over thirty-three billion cash. The dime production don't stop generally there. During the seventies, 80's, 90's and up to now, there has been an overall total of about 363 billion cents minted. This kind of averages to about 1210 pennies per head in the United States. These types of numbers are merely simply...