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JLP4 Reaction: Catriona Kazuno

First off, I have a query regarding your lessons plan matter..... the syllabus outcomes are concerning part of a group (MS4. 1) however , the specifications to get JLP4 is to find volumes of correct pyramids, cones and spheres. (MS5. 2 . 2). Forgive me basically have misinterpreted that but it really seems as though you may have developed a lesson for any different matter?

This lessons has some superb problem solving for the students to get their hands on.

I love the way the first revision section was designed to ‘trigger' useful hints the students could apply down the road in the lesson. A very simple way of area code their preceding knowledge to enable them to pull it of their memory bank quickly and put it on. The idea of to get ownership and direction from the lesson together with the students is great! A good way to maintain your students employed.

Setting the scene which the students happen to be Archmides, checking out this problem of finding the area offered the radius, but with the advantage of modern technology will surely put points into point of view for the scholars, giving them a great appreciation of how such formulas were extracted by historic mathematicians along with an insight in to how modern tools has changed many ways we can get and procedure maths currently.

The introduction of a tutor instruction linen for applying SketchUp is such a good idea. It is not only imperative for the teacher to have a very good grasp on applying SketchUp prior to introducing it to the students, it really signifies that another instructor could take this lesson supplied they had a chance to go over and prepare.

The actual students include a worksheet? If so would like to find it.... if not really, think it ought to be considered in order that they have track of their function.

I think which the students have got plenty of opportunity for discovery both on their own in addition to groups in the primary body in the lesson, however I have a sense that the timing will be small and that they might not get to get the method. Perhaps the...